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Coast past the gas!

Coastal Commuters promotes carpooling, mass transit, bicycling and walking in the greater Savannah area. These modes are economical alternatives to driving alone. You can use the Coastal Commuters online ride-matching system to find one or more carpool, bicycling, or walking partners. Log your carpool, transit, bike, or walk trips in the Commute Calendar within the ride-matching system to see not only how much money you are saving, compared to driving alone, but also how much you have reduced your emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

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When using the ridematching system, please be patient if you do not find a match for your trip at first. As more people enter their trip descriptions in the system, your chance of finding a match will increase, so help us spread the word about the ride-matching system accessible here!


Coastal Commuters aims to increase your employees’ commute options. Staff for the Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (CORE MPO) is administrating the program, and we hope you will help us spread the word about the ride-matching system. Employers may choose to be listed as a "network" in the ride-matching system, at no cost. Our Decision Guide explains the reasons for having your own network. We hope that you will consider providing other incentives to encourage carpooling, bus usage, bicycling, or walking as options for your employees’ commutes. This can benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Reduces the need to expand parking facilities or helps you convert existing employee spaces to customer spaces.
  • Increases your labor pool and reduces employee absenteeism. By assisting in carpool formation, Coastal Commuters makes it easier for those potential employees and current employees who don’t own cars to reach the job site reliably, especially when their work site or home is outside the transit district, or if their work hours are outside of transit service hours.
  • Reduces employees’ financial stress. The alternative transportation options promoted by Coastal Commuters can help your employees spend less of their disposable income on the cost of getting to and from work.
  • Can reduce the federal payrol taxes you pay. Coastal Commuters encourages employers to take advantage of the federal tax benefit program. See participation methods below. Explanations and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available from the National Center for Transit Research.
  • Enhances your business’ or organization’s public image and helps attract the top performers to your workplace.

Specific Actions for Employers to Consider:

  • Tell your employees about Coastal Commuters and the ride-matching system (e.g. in employee newsletters and/or on employee intranet).
  • Designate some of the most convenient parking spaces to carpoolers, as a reward for them.
  • Stagger work shifts so that all employees are not arriving and departing at the same time, or allow “flex time.”
  • Provide bicycle racks, if you don’t already.
  • Provide shower/changing areas for commuters who walk or bicycle
  • Establish an employer network within the Coastal Commuters ride-matching system. It's free and allows you the option of tracking emissions savings, tracking reductions in employee parking demand, setting up commuter contests, coordinating event-related transportation, and managing an Emergency Ride Home program for your employees.
  • Allow employees’ costs for transit pass purchases to be deducted from their paychecks on a pre-tax basis. This is an option in the federal tax benefit program, and it not only reduces the taxable income for the employee but also reduces the employer's payroll tax.
  • Subsidize employees’ transit passes, either partially or entirely. The employer can get a tax deduction, through the federal tax benefit program.
  • Provide bicycle commuters with a subsidy for bike-related expenses (up to $20 per "qualified bicycle commuting" month). The employer can get a tax deduction, through the federal tax benefit program.

Interested employers can contact Coastal Commuters at 912-651-1449 or at for more information.

CUTS Logo Coastal Commuters is supported by the Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (CORE MPO)
PO Box 8246, Savannah, GA 31412-8246


Participation in Coastal Commuters programs, such as by carpooling, riding the bus, biking, or walking to or from work, and use of the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program is an individual decision. Participants are completely responsible for the operation of carpools and participation in any Coastal Commuters program. COASTAL COMMUTERS, THE CHATHAM COUNTY-SAVANNAH METROPOLITAN PLANNING COMMISSION, AND EMPLOYERS ACTING AS ITS PROMOTIONAL PARTNERS SHALL HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR ANY CLAIMS, EXPENSES, OR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ANY INDIVIDUAL'S PARTICIPATION IN A CARPOOL OR ERH PROGRAM OR FROM ANY INDIVIDUAL’S DECISION TO RIDE THE BUS, BICYCLE, OR WALK.